In the new tradition of choosing a theme, instead of having a resolution, for each year, or quarter, or whatever, in your life, I, Walker, have decided that 2019 is the Year of Clarity.

February 6, 2019

Sorry that I don’t use WP more. I wonder if you even remember who I am. Let alone, what I’m like. In any case, I am evolving my blogging style.

A while back, I believe I encountered a bug, where after I changed my subdomain, I no longer showed up in people’s subscriptions, and people who were subscribed to me had to unsubscribe and resubscribe …

Maybe I imagined the bug, and instead, people who had been reading me all happened to stop reading blogs in general around the same time.

So, if you read this *at all*, it might be helpful if you leave a comment, just so I can see if I am still bugged.

It doesn’t matter.

I’m still alive. I sometimes do things that I enjoy doing. I have a few friends. But whatever the next part of my life is, the next chapter, it hasn’t started yet. I think that I can find it. I will never stop looking for my life. I will never stop finding pieces of what my life will be.

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And Stuff Episode 014: And Stuff Reloaded

December 25, 2016

This time Cameron and Walker talk about crypto and online opsec and a lot of other things.

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Some relevant links:


WTF with Marc Maron

Amazon Go

Walker’s Shredder Video

Cloud Backup: Backblaze

Arch Linux

Nå Kickstarter Pen

Walker asks: is having a Facebook account (even a not especially active one) bad opsec?

A big part of opsec online is infosec, and a big part of infosec is using strong crypto, and making the use of crypto “normal”.

Accordingly, Walker is trying out Signal.

Back to Work on keeping in touch with people every six weeks.

Martani’s Twitter Archive Eraser.

Free reed instruments.

Advice from Adventure Time: Sucking at something is the first step…

Star Wars: Harmy’s Despecialized Edition

How to use ffmpeg to avoid having to open cinelerra to do simple video tasks, also I am starting a new channel on Youtube

November 14, 2016

I wanted to save the “workflow” I used for my last video.

Video? Oh yeah, I started a new Youtube channel. It’s just for practice. I want to get a cam-audio guitar practice vid up as close to daily as possible.

The channel is here:

I also have an old channel that I still upload to, in case you were wondering:

The first video I put up I used my full-featured nonlinear video-editing software of choice, cinelerra. But all I even *used* it for was to crop the beginning and end!

That first video is here:

I’m practicing an acoustic version of “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. I feel like the world is going to come to an end in a few days or weeks or months or years and in that mindset I am beginning to reinterpret some of the lyrics to this song in new ways.

For the second video, I was smarter, and did everything in the command line.

The second video is here:

I’m practicing “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen. I’m pretty torn up about his passing and I want to learn his songs because I respect him so much.

Walker’s instructions for how to make simple videos:

  1. Record the video on your Flip cam.
  2. Get the file into a linux or mac computer with ffmpeg installed.
  3. Use the following command to take the audio out of the video:
    ffmpeg -i videofile.MP4 audiofile.wav
  4. Open the audio file in audacity. Apply noise reduction, then very light compression, then very light equalization (roll off extreme lows). Export to newaudio.wav
  5. Use the following command to remux the old video with the new audio AND trim the video:
    ffmpeg -i videofile.MP4 -i newaudio.wav -map 0:v -map 1:a -codec copy -ss 00:00:00 -t 00:04:00 remuxedvid.mkv
    Take note that one should replace “00:00:00” with the intended start time. Everything before that will be trimmed. “00:04:00” should be replaced with the total time. Everything after [start + total] time will be trimmed as well.

Compared to the first time around, I avoided 15 minutes of rendering and 15 minutes of reencoding. So using ffmpeg as much as possible and cinelerra as little as possible is usually the most time-optimal solution.

Also, by being sneaky I did all of this using the flip cam’s space. No need to delete temp files from two locations.

Walker’s new rule for doing video work: Do you need to composit something? Then use cinelerra. If you do not, then do not use cinelerra.

And Stuff Episode 11: Getting Really Mad At The Nail

June 28, 2016

This time Cameron and Walker talk about saws, meditation, Youtube, and some other things.


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On the Breadboard

May 30, 2016

Maybe this will be a recurring series. It should be possible if I’m actually Making Things.

Bazz Fuss

Information about the Bazz Fuss can be found here.

A few years ago I tried out the Bazz Fuss and was very disappointed. Being careful with transistor and resistor choice seems to be much more crucial than People on the Internet imply.

I actually fried one transistor by using a variable resistor that was allowed to vary down to zero. Was quite amusing to turn it down, then up again, only to find the tone was drastically different. Somewhere in the middle of this process I made an instagram video. Bazz Fuss fried video.

The “best” version I created consisted of a clean boost followed by a standard BF with high gain, then a tone stack, then a BF with lower gain and emitter degeneration added. This allowed bizarre octave-up effects with tone high and big muff-esque tones when low.

Double Bazz Fuss with Tone video.

Chance that I’m develop this further? It *was* pretty high before I built the next Thing. Now, slightly less.

Harmonic Percolator

The Interfax Harmonic Percolator is an legendary (or at least notorious) fuzzbox mostly associated nowadays with the music of Steve Albini. Albini has several youtube videos on the subject. There’s some info here.

Tried out a Harmonic Jerkulator, an all silicon Percolator clone developed by Tim Escobedo. Details available here. It sounds amazing. It doesn’t sound Albini, but neither do “faithful” clones or any other variant I’ve heard, so whatever. Sounds like a germanium fuzz-face to me except despite being boomier it never gets muddy enough to where you can’t hear all the notes.


Chance that I’ll develop further? 100% chance I’ll youtube it, 50% I’ll box it up, 20% I’ll try and market it.


The Ruby amplifier, from

Built this LM386-based 0.25W amplifier. It sounds suspiciously good. Even when plugged into my upcycled computer subwoofer. I’m definitely gonna box this up. This is an extremely high-margin Thing if it were ever to be Etsy’d.

100% chance it’ll get boxed up. I’ve never sold on Etsy before so … if I ever decide to this’ll probably be the first thing I do.


Anyway, those are the three ideas I’ve been monkeying around with over the past week.

And Stuff Episode 010: Dewey Decimal Overdrive

May 23, 2016

This time we talk about Plover and get sidetracked a lot.


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Minor Update

April 29, 2016

[not for public consuption]

meditation is hard to do

it’s even harder to write about. Usually Intry and write about how hard it is.

That hasn’t been going so well, but today I promised to post a bit about guitar effect tone stacks. So maybe that’ll happen today.

I’m back on klonopin after missing some work. Finals is next wrek. I may, sort of, graduate, if the klonopin and ativan and viibryd and nuvigil and caffeine/theanine/tyrosine/ALA/folate/synephrine/beta-alanine/D3/B12/B6/inositol do what they’re supposed to.


By “sort of” I mean “pass all the classess. I didn’t apply for graduation just in case I don’t. So if I do, next semester I can take nothing and then graduate.

What is the point of thinking good thoughts?

April 3, 2016


Having a hard time because I’m thinking about what happened today when I was in meditation. I’m starting to understand the purpose of some of the “fluff”, if you will, in a few of the styles you see in Zen.

There are a few concepts I feel like I have to go into. They are new to me so I’m probably getting them wrong.

First, I’ve started thinking about time as divided into meditation and “post-meditation”. If you are not currently meditating, then you are obviously in the post-meditation state. (Unless, of course, you have never meditated). 

The purpose of meditation was to prepare you for right now. But did it? What should happen so that next time you meditate it will better prepare you for your next post-meditation?

This kind of brings me to mettā.

I have had a hard time incorporating “thoughts of goodwill towards others” into my practice because it feels more like something to include in a prayer. Who is responsible for putting this goodwill into place if your thoughts aren’t aimed at something with power? Compared to teaching myself to be more aware of my own body and mind, thinking happy thoughts about people seems like a waste of time and effort.

But the concept of thinking about your life as alternating periods of  meditation and post-meditation draws an arrow through time between positive thoughts in the meditation phase with positive action later on. Without understanding everyday life as post-meditative, there’s no arrow–no connection. Without a connection this gap in time makes me feel powerless and stupid during meditation, and I guess this is what makes some people choose to either not bother, or to pray (or otherwise delegate) instead.

Brains are terrible with short term memory–this is why we try to enact systems we can trust to make sure things get done. I’m talking about calendars and lists. (This is the way David Allen describes things in the GTD book. I’m starting to get why he mentions Zen in passing in the prologue.) So is meditation practice the system we can entrust our goodwill into, because otherwise our terrible brains will simply forget to be kind?

I know that this is wishy-washy. (It’s getting kind of dangerously close to total bullshit woo like “the secret”.) My point in posting this is to communicate that I’m finally starting to at least be capable of brainstorming about the subject of mettā at all.

This post is too long, so I’ll stop here and write about further concepts I’ve been starting to think about later. Including what I hope to gain from koan study, why I’m spending a single second doing anything besides koan study, and what actually inspired this post, which is a set of guided meditations for anapanasati, or “breathing mindfulness” which included a bit of mettā.

(I wonder what thoughts of goodwill my cats have for all the beings in the universe. Do cats understand the idea of even having mettā towards mice?)

March 27, 2016


How do I stop the sound of that distant temple bell?

For all of the hard but actually easy answers, the most useless I’ve found by now is “the bell is actually me”.

Because then I thought, if it’s me, why isn’t it actually my cats? And how can I stop the ringing of that distant temple bell when I can’t even get my cat to stop shredding paper at 4AM?

Or maybe there is a preliminary answer, and it’s that if I’m the bell and the cats are the bell then I have about as much discipline as they do.

[How can this post possibly have a title.?]

[I am trying to do something along the lines of koan study. IDK if this is a “real” koan that would actually be assigned by a Rinzai teacher, it was from some “how to meditate” website of questionable autenticity. But despite it being much simpler and shorter than any koan I’ve heard it’s still presented me with a struggle, I guess.]

My current zen meditation teacher:


And Stuff Episode 009: This Podcast Was Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop Essentials

February 22, 2016

This time Cameron and Walker talk about cotton and a little about music and some other stuff.

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