Titles and Handles

I’m thinking about blogging here on wordpress. I think it might work as an identity transition. As in, I have loved the handle “anaraug” for a long time but if I continue to use it and have it strongly associated with my real name then at some point in the future I might be required to explain things that I posted online over a decade ago. The very first time I used “anaraug” as a handle was on Xanga, and that’s all gone now.

Anyway, I think I can blog comfortably on wordpress titled something like “something (formerly anaraug)” for a year or so, and then drop the formerly. Then maybe switch over every account that uses it.

What I actually want to blog about are diy projects that I do, and possibly a project I’m currently working on for school. Everything is electrical engineering oriented, and most of it is music oriented. But I want to try to write in a way that can appeal to people who don’t know what a transistor is.

So yeah, step one I supposed is come up with a catchy blog title. The blog title I have on blogger “analog anomaly” is already taken as a domain name. The fact that I have had the title formatted as a reference to some old occult group probably doesn’t help my credibility among some. I mean unless I only wanted to sell synths to witch house musicians, maybe.

For step two I want my actual handle to be short, have no numbers, be unique, and somehow suggestive of the kinds of things I’m in to. I could lift a reference from media I guess. *shrug*

Anyway. I don’t have many subscribers so I don’t know why I’m asking you all this anyway. What do you think makes for a good handle and blog title?


If you want, email me at anaraug@gmail.com or tweet at me at @anaraug.


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10 Responses to “Titles and Handles”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    The Anablog? Give it some time and the perfect title/handle will come to you, usually while you’re thinking of something else.

  2. thecuriousbum Says:

    I was going to say even though I know your name I still think of you as anaraug, haha, but I can understand a change, after all loner_writer bit the dust. If you put DIY in it it may get more hits.

  3. viefinale Says:

    electrical engineering and school huh? is that the degree that you are working on?

  4. Shannon Lorraine Says:

    At the risk of cliché-bombing the shiznit out of your blog, I’ll not advise on the principles of a good handle/title. Mainly, because I’ve no ficken’ clue! It took me way too long to close on what I’m using now…and I still doubt the gear. Use namechk.com to dwindle down those not commonly used…although, even that tool is glitchy. ;-)

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