What I’ve Been Up To

There are some things I have been doing but I haven’t produced anything visible and fun for you all to look at yet, really. Here’s a list of stuff I’ll be doing that I’ll post some fun from.

School Project: My DIY projects are moving very slowly right now because I have a project for school that takes the same kind of energy. I’m going to be building an Omniwheel RCV for school that will be similar to this one.

Guitar Effect DIY: I have a guitar effect pedal breadboarded, and I have a case ready for it. Populating the board is going to be a pain though, and I doubt I can make a good recording with it still out of the box.

Lofi Synth DIY: I built an Atari Punk Console with some extra functionality that I dreamed up. It has two dividers that run side by side, instead of one, and you can crossfade between them. I have an old video explaining this idea up on youtube but it is long and boring. I made the new one into a Tazo tin and should make a new video of it and post a schematic. Maybe if we’re lucky I’ll get that up sometime tomorrow.

Synth Module Simulations: And also I’ve been simulating synthesizer parts in LTSpice. I recently discovered that it can output audio files, so it’s actually possible to get a good feel for what some of these things sound like. I’ve gotten simulations of about half a dozen of Ken Stone’s designs. The only audio I’ve made worth sharing so far is the one from the Drum Simulator. I uploaded it to soundcloud the other day:

Anyway, those are the directions this blog is going in for now. I’d like to make more cover video-songs but there just isn’t enough time or inspiration. But if anyone REALLY wants to see video-songs then maybe I can do something. I realized some super-boring minimalist phasing music the other day, but it hasn’t exactly gone viral yet:

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to. I still haven’t come up with a new name for myself.

email me: anaraug@gmail.com and tweet at me: @anaraug


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5 Responses to “What I’ve Been Up To”

  1. everythingandallatonce Says:

    Welp, if the world ends, I want you on the team as the guy who builds the radio. :-)

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