Getting over Myself…


I’ve been clinging onto my previous blog site,, like a hungry child-calf clings to its mothers teat. Hoping that, eventually, I’d be able to return and enjoy mindless postings of emotional prose and clichéd hopes. I’m finding that dream to be an endless shit-filled pit of never going to fricken’ happen!

I feel I’ve had to change what I write about over here. That the content of what I used to post isn’t professional, isn’t wanted, or is too visible on the purified white backdrop of WordPress. Anything remotely personal, glows reflectively back to my eyes and stings. Basically, It makes me feel petty and immature.

Evolution, I need to get me a ticket on that train!

Over the past few months of transition, the transitional phase. I’ve clutched onto the various, user operated, Facebook groups, to keep up-to-date with Xanga‘s progression. But as is the…

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