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(Absence of) Progress — school project, pedal projects, monotron simulation

October 19, 2013

I haven’t been present here for the past couple of weeks… I’ve had one alright post I’ve been working on but have had to spend a little too much time on school stuff to actually finish it.

Anyway, Korg made the schematics for the Monotrons and Monotribe public, so I’ve been working on an LTSpice simulation of the original Monotron. I have the VCO and VCF working, but I haven’t made any cool samples or anything. I’m hoping to use the simulation to fix what is widely perceived as the Monotron’s worst bug–a popping sound that occurs at the beginning and end of notes.

I’m at least two weeks behind on my project for school, but at least I finally have 90% of the parts in. I’m at a coffee shop right now designing the motor driver. It’s gonna be a giant pain and take up two Arduino proto shields. I have no idea if I’m going to require heat sinks or not either, and if I do, I have no idea how I’ll get them or make them or whatever.

Another problem I had was getting the motors attached to the wheels. The bit of aluminum that is supposed to connect to both was too small to fit the motor shaft inside it so I had to drill it out. Then the screw holes for screwing into the wheel were spaced too far apart to fit my wheels, so instead of using them I just covered the whole thing in epoxy and stuck the wheel on. They’re going to wobble a little but at this point I’m beyond caring about that. A post I could easily make tomorrow would be a photo post of my progress. Good idea, self.

I also breadboarded a Tube Screamer and have been rocking out with that, even though I never finished building the other guitar effect I was building. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should finish the as-of-yet-unnamed “black dirtbox with big switch on it” or start working this TS clone into a box. The black dirtbox has its board about 70% populated but as usual everything is way too close together and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make any of the connections on the bottom properly.

For the TS clone, I’m planning on using a case that I tooled for an older TS-inspired design I dreamed up. That one I gave up on when I had just started populating the board–again because I tried to cram way too much crap onto it. Because I’m removing all the extra features I’d added it’s going to have four giant holes with nothing in them. I’ll have to at least shield it or something. *shrug*

I guess I should post some pictures of those guitar projects too. I’m not currently in a state where I can make any recordings to show you what they actually sound like. Even my playing consists of just one chord over and over while I change one value on the breadboard, so when I say “rock out” I’m really using that term loosely.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, Nothing is EVER FINISHED but I’ll try and get a few pictures posted tomorrow anyway.