School Pickles

Sitting in the library trying to unravel this semester’s school pickle.

Hopefully by fleshing out all my problems for all of my interested readers (sarcasm) I can come up with a plan for dealing with them.

Lab1: Just talked to the TA. He is very “by the book” I am going to get nothing from him without going to ODS. If I ace the final I’ll end up with a 69, but I need a 70. It’s so close I was hoping he’d just have a little pity, but oh well. The final is on the 3rd, so I have a week to coordinate between my doctor, the people at ODS, and my TA, while of course also studying. Studying being the easy part. Of course, what can he even do? I was absent 3 times–which meant that the stuff due on those absences got 50% off.

If he waived the late-penalty I’d get a 71.6. He says he rounds. I should have asked more specifically, since some people round 69.01 to a 70. If I get to actually redo the labs from when I was absent then everything would be peachy… but when exactly I could be scheduled to have all the equipment set up, etc. is kind of a pain. Hence ODS having to be very involved.


Lab2: This TA is much much more friendly and relaxed. Sort of as a consequence of this, I have barely ever showed up or turned anything in. He told me that nothing is ever late. Unfortunately this means I have like 10 lab reports to do in the next few days. I haven’t talked to him yet because this one is even more embarrassing. Basically I’ve abused his good nature and now I have to ask him for a favor just to rescue me from my own abuse of him. I just need to go talk to him. There’s a chance he’ll not give a fuck, and just say “you need to do 1,2,3 and then we’re cool.” I’m not sure if I should talk to him before or after ODS.



Miraculously, I have one of the highest grades in the class, despite doing zero homework. Of course, 45% of the grade is still undetermined. Basically this means that Thanksgiving will be cram-time, but at least it looks like I won’t need any embarrassing ODS accommodations. I tried to get help from this teacher a few semesters ago and he was very unhelpful, but it looks like I won’t need it.

ODS: Before I do anything with the Office of Disability Services, I need some kind of documentation from my doctor. It would be really easy if I was institutionalized or something, but instead I just laid on the couch for a month eating crackers without moving while sleeping 14 hours a day and experiencing a kind of array of various foggy-static vision problems. When your depression gets so bad that you can’t really see very well, something is wrong. But I didn’t get hospitalized because I had someone to take care of me and I wasn’t ever a danger to myself or anyone else. I have to email a person at ODS, and fill out a form online, and possibly meet the person at ODS in their office. I stopped by the other day but they weren’t there, and just asking the secretary for information made my skin almost burn off.

Design: I dropped design, which means that it isn’t as urgent since my GPA isn’t in immediate danger from it. Did I mention that I’m on academic probation? So if I get below a 2.0 two more semesters in a row, I get kicked out of engineering. Of course, IN THEORY I should graduate before then anyway. Anyway, I haven’t spoken to my design professor since I dropped it. At some point I have to do that, and explain the situation, and beg him to let me finish what I started next time. In fact, if he doesn’t let me, then I’m out $300 on parts I bought that the school is supposed to reimburse.

Oh yeah. Speaking of money. Gotta borrow more money.

This is what it comes down to:

  1. Email ODS person. Possibly meet.
  2. Get documentation from doctor and get it to ODS person.
  3. Get ODS person to require accommodations from LAB1 person.
  4. Talk to LAB2 person (email? office?)
  5. Figure out LAB2 accommodations.
  6. Get ODS or doctor talking to LAB2 person if needed.
  7. Ace Lab finals
  8. Ace Controls final
  9. Ace Controls project
  10. Email design professor–get him to talk to ODS person if needed.
  11. Borrow money.

It seems that steps 1 through 6 need to be done in the next 48 hours or so. Some of the order might change.

At some point I could also ask the engineering adviser–who likes me a lot–for some guidance. And possibly ask my actual official adviser, who isn’t too bad either.

I am basically always looking for someone to talk to. I know this sounds selfish but I can’t get any of this stuff done without sounding what I’m about to do off others, specifically very non-judgmental others, before I can psych myself into talking to anyone at all. I’m on google and aim and facebook under my real name.

I don’t know if I can even write this email to the ODS person without help. I feel paralyzed or crippled.


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4 Responses to “School Pickles”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    I hope you find someone who can help you with the e-mail. Is there a teacher, adviser, friend, fellow-student who could help? I would go to one of the two advisers you mentioned, explain everything to them and get their advice.

    You’re right…it’s always good to have someone to share things with, get their input, etc. I know that helps me.

    It’s good to have a plan. Your plan looks good! Just take the list one thing at a time…and soon it will all be accomplished!

    You can do all of this! I just know you can! :-)

    Best wishes as you tackle the pickle! ;-) :-D

    You got HUGS from me!!!
    Carolyn :-)

  2. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Hey, Walker! How are things going this week?!
    HUGS for you!!! :-)

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