DIY PCB Etching process pictures

My first etch! It’ll be a single transistor overdrive for guitar, maybe.

Nail polish on copper on fiberglass:

Ferric Chloride solution:


Nail polish dissolves in acetone:

Finished etched board:

Now … drilling is next. How exactly I will drill 40 holes in that, we’ll find out later. :)


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3 Responses to “DIY PCB Etching process pictures”

  1. thecuriousbum Says:

    That’s not what I expected to happen, lol. Cool stuff, though.

  2. heidenkind Says:

    Did you transfer the pattern of your deign directly onto the plate, or did you guestimate?

    • Walker Says:

      Yeah I just painted it on by hand. It’s very rough but hopefully it’ll work. It’s probably not going to make the best solder joints because there aren’t really “pads” at all–the solder is going to leak down each line a bit when I try to do it. I could probably do it much better with a finer brush, but honestly I might as well do a transfer next time.

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