Coffee Log #1

Bodum French press
Potato Hamilton Beach Blade Grinder
Ground as little as possible where no whole beans are left
Starbucks Yukon Blend
35g beans
22ish oz water
200-210 degrees
3 min steep
Stirred lightly pre-steep

This is my first time changing up my recipe. I usually do 44g beans and fill the press completely with water. Which is at least 30 oz but possibly 40.

I usually steep for 8-10 minutes because I don’t care. I usually just wander off do something else for a while. It’s mostly becoming obvious to me that I’m making too much coffee because I throw away about 1/4 or 1/3 of it every day.

Using this ratio, 1.6g/oz vs 1.46 to 1.1, is obviously better. The total caffeine content depends mostly on the total grams of beans and is barely affected by time, ratio, and temperature. Of course these things have some effect but science shows it’s less than most people think. [citation needed]

I think if I narrow down my brew time I’ll find the “sweet spot”. My idea is to increase it until it starts tasting bad. And then move on to experimenting with water volume. 20oz seems ideal for the amount I want to drink anyway, but I need to decide if it’s the correct amount of grams of caffeine I want too. And then of course ratio affects taste.

So yeah, actual important stats:
35g, 22oz, 1.6g/oz, 3min, as coarse as possible, light stir

It tastes better than usual, mostly smoother, but not much weaker.



2 Responses to “Coffee Log #1”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    I was cold brewing my coffee for awhile with 1 1/3 roughly ground cups of coffee and stirred into 4 1/2 cups of water. But now I just use one of those K-cup brewers.

    • Walker Says:

      When I worked at a cafe we did one pound of beans per half gallon of water. IDK if that’s stronger or weaker than your recipe because math. K-cups are really consistent, so I guess if you find one you really like then that’s good.

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