Coffee Log #3

32g, 18oz, 1.78g/oz

Increased ratio by keeping same amount of beans but decreasing water.

Still tastes good. Has a kind of dry aftertaste, might just be a tiny bit of grit seeping through.

This was starbucks yukon again with 200ish degree water and a suboptimal blade grinder.

Supposedly this is earthy and well-rounded according to the bag. It’s always been one of my go-to Starbucks blends because they don’t burn it. I like their African single-country coffees alright too. They usually have at least one easily identifiable note, even when sold by Starbucks.

I still don’t know if I taste any particular note in Yukon though. That’s to be expected from a blend, but I still like it because it’s reliable. Was hoping more flavors would come out by increasing the ratio, but maybe they won’t unless I increase the steep time too.



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