Coffee Log #4

Today I’m gonna try 16oz and 25.6g. I have a feeling this will simply not be enough caffeine. I’m kind of tempted to make chemex instead of french press today because yesterday’s was gritty but whatever. I tried grinding slightly more coarsely but there’s a certain point where it’s really tedious.



There’s actually three visible spirals in the floating oil in the cup. Probably can’t see it in the picture though.

Ahhh I think this is about as perfect as a cup of french press can taste, but we’ll have to wait for me to get to the bottom I guess.

Seems great. Should I experiment with time or more with ratio tomorrow? Or should I make Chemex?



One Response to “Coffee Log #4”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    I’d go with time, since you seem to have found a good ratio.

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