Coffee Log #6

Yesterday I switched to Brezza beans because I’m low on Yukon. I forgot to actually log it yesterday, but I used the same recipe as the day before, and it turned out pretty badly. I remember learning this before–that citrus notes come out much more strongly in french press than they do drip. Yesterday’s was overly sour and acidic, so today I reduced the brew time back down to three and actually reduced the temperature as well. I don’t have an actual thermometer so this consists of “boiled water that’s been sitting out for 60 seconds”.

Yesterday I also felt undercaffeinated all day, so I upped the grams today. I did 40g at 22oz, so the ratio is actually higher too.

Anyway, this solved most of the problems I’m talking about. I think that while Brezza has more personality than Yukon I actually like the personality less. But whatever. When I finally get some single-country African beans I’m sure I’ll have the same problems with acidity again.



One Response to “Coffee Log #6”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    Aw. Whomp-whomp.

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