Coffee Log #7: Brezza again

40g/20oz 2g/oz for 2.5 min

Brezza isn’t actually that bad of a bean. I’ve been brewing it in Chemex for ages without noticing a problem. My theory has always been the “metal filters let through oil but paper doesn’t”, which is a line you hear thrown around on the internet. Unfortunately, it’s pretty obvious that paper filters do let through some oil–you can see it right there in the coffee–so it must be at least partially a myth.

In addition, healthwise the oils in coffee are supposedly the worst part of the coffee. I don’t have a source for that, but it’s what I’ve heard.

Anyway citrus flavors are mostly organic acids which are all oil soluble, not water-soluble compounds. My chemistry is extremely rusty but I think that’s the gist of it.

I tried to compensate for it by cutting down the brew time even more. I increased the ratio because I want a lot of caffeine today, and figured why not.

Now let’s see what it tastes like:

The first two sips are too hot, and also I’m getting impression that my taste is dulled today by the weather. We had a really low pressures and I humidity’s all day for a week meaning basically daily storms. But none of the storms are big enough to relieve the pressure.

I think reducing the brew time was the answer to the acidity problem. Instead of being expressed as sourness, it’s more of a bite just on the front end of the sip now. It goes down smooth the rest of the way. I still don’t taste the other “crisp herbal” flavors described on the bag, and it doesn’t have as strong of a coffee flavor as I’m used to, but it’s not bad. Mostly just tastes like coffee. Would say it’d be nice in spring but I’m not an astrologist and think you can drink whatever you want.

The high ratio definitely does not make the flavor overpowering in this one.


9 Responses to “Coffee Log #7: Brezza again”

  1. girlforgetful Says:

    I never taste anything but coffee in my coffee, not counting milk and sugar. Damn my clueless palate. Have you ever made ginger tea from scratch?

    • Walker Says:

      No, but it sounds like a good idea. Do you have a favorite recipe for it?

      Yeah it’s a lot easier to pick out the flavors when it’s black. Also I had a really hard time finding them in Yukon. Blends in general have less distinctive flavors and most coffee people drink are blends, so don’t blame yourself.

  2. girlforgetful Says:

    No, I don’t have a favorite recipe. What I have a jar of ground ginger, and I can’t remember why I bought it so I thought perhaps I’d make a ginger tea with it. I mean, I drink a lot of ginger ale and I like ginger snaps, so why not ginger tea. So I was wondering what ratios you would recommend, but perhaps I’ll have to conduct my own research.

    • Walker Says:

      I love ginger ale too. Especially with gin and Pimm’s. But I’ve also had ginger sodas that were way too strong. Maybe I’ll give making the tea a try. It might help with this awful weather we’ve been having.

    • Walker Says:

      Oh yeah but teas in general have MUCH smaller ratio than coffee, which is kind of obvious I guess.

      • girlforgetful Says:

        Ginger Tea Log #1: Fiasco
        1 tsp ground ginger
        1 small sauce pan of water
        2 large mugs
        3 paper coffee filters
        1 mesh metal filter
        2 splashes of Vitamin D milk
        2 T clover honey
        Mix water and ginger in mug, attempt to strain into 2nd mug three times with paper coffee filters. THEN try mesh metal filter. Steep time – who knows? 4 minutes? Stir in milk and honey, sip, make pucker face, wow. Gritty, pungent, reminiscent of Chai. I need a tea infuser, and would like to try fresh grated ginger root next time.

      • Walker Says:

        Yeah I would definitely use fresh root. I used to cook with it until I got lazy. Now I get this little jar of it from the asian market that’s still way better than ground.

  3. heidenkind Says:

    Shorter brewing time does tend to reduce acidity. Have you tried Kona coffee yet?

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