Coffee Log #13 – brezza again

36g/20oz 1.8g/oz 2min Brezza

My grinder is on its last leg. The blades are actually breaking. I guess after 7 or 8 years what can one expect? I should finally save up to get a burr grinder instead of blade grinder anyway. I also want an aeropress. Money always complicates these decisions though. :(

The Brezza isn’t as bad this time. It has some nice flavors, it’s just the easiest one to screw up by overbrewing. Mostly its coffee flavor is very light.


2 Responses to “Coffee Log #13 – brezza again”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    Why is a burr grinder preferable?

    • Walker Says:

      The grounds come out more consistent. With a blade grinder there will be some smaller grounds and larger grounds mixed together–your average might be about right but there will be more variance. Also burr grinders can go finer just in general if necessary.

      The too-fine grounds mixed in when you use a blade grinder extract too fast and add bitterness, and also clog filters and make everything else extract for longer.

      In theory, at least. Honestly mine has been perfectly acceptable until it finally broke.

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