Coffee Log #14 – Aeropress

​​​Wordpress just ate a 1000 word post because it was arguing with NoScript. I actually usually post coffee logs from my phone.

Anyway, shorter version now:

I got an Aeropress. I got a new grinder. Both are good.

I’ve made Brezza and Kati Kati with Aeropress. I do the “inverted” method. I put 20g coffee with plunger at number 1. Then fill with 190-200 degree water to number 4, then stir and plunge after 60 seconds. Most people seem to fill to 3, but I want a longer cup.

It makes a concentrate like espresso, but it isn’t that similar to espresso. I might prefer aeropress to espresso. I can drink the concentrate straight, but usually add water just to make it last longer.

A more important question is can drinking enough coffee, or drinking better coffee, solve my life problems?

It is bewildering how often I am delivered a situation that has no good solution, let alone an easy one.


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3 Responses to “Coffee Log #14 – Aeropress”

  1. cafebeletage Says:

    Inverted Aeropress method is the best! – Nate

  2. heidenkind Says:

    Can drinking coffee solve your life problems? I’m going to go with yes.

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