Thinking about psychology and goals

Was listening to the Cracked Podcast yesterday. For a humor website their podcast is surprisingly serious. Another podcast I listened to (Hello Internet) compared them, and to a much lesser extent Buzzfeed (in essence hoping that Cracked’s present resembles Buzzfeed’s future), to newspapers and magazines in markets where there isn’t really enough news to fill up te pages, so you have the occasional really good feature article being subsidized by a dozen or so articles of fluffy drivel. Without selling people the crap articles, the newspaper wouldn’t exist at all, and without the newspaper at all, you wouldn’t have the better articles.

The podcast was talking about psychology and goals. Saying if you can’t ask yourself “why am I not doing something towards one of my goals this second” and can’t come up with a good reason, to just do that thing instead. Talking about the brain–how your present self does not care about the future self: if something bad will happen to them, that’s their problem, not your problem.

Thinking about blogging at the end of every day: “what did I do today as a step towards being who I want to be.” Who I want to be being a boutique guitar effect, amplifier, and synth builder, an accomplished player (or at least having produced records, whether they’re actually good or not) in those instruments, and also possibly someone with a minor youtube following.

Yesterday I produced a video from start to finish, but it’s not particularly interesting. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is putting in the time and the practice so I’ll know what I’m doing when a good idea actually occurs.

Today I’m showing up for class. Sort of relevant but sort of tangential to my first goal.

Anyway, the Cracked podcast is pretty good. Sorry for the lack of links, posting from the iOS WordPress app is handy, but still sub-optimal.


edit: Here is the episode in question of the Cracked podcast:

Here is the episode of Hello Internet where they talked about Buzzfeed relating to actual physical newspapers:


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5 Responses to “Thinking about psychology and goals”

  1. girlforgetful Says:

    Yes, I have thoughts but no time to share them now as I’m under the gun to make today’s production goal at work. Ok, maybe just this: striving to achieve a goal is empowering, and actually achieving goals is really satisfying. As long as I can overcome the voices in my head that tell me I can’t do it so I shouldn’t even bother, I can feel good about the trying and that is worth something.

  2. heidenkind Says:

    I think working toward your goals is important… But it’s also important to try new things and leave room for discovery.

    • Walker Says:

      Oh, of course. All of this is about balance. For me the problem, if there is one, is balancing leisure activities with productivity. Things like “why did you play four hours of video games today when two hours would have offerred the same amount of relaxation”. Which makes it sound kind of like a dull way to think but it illustrates the point. Trying new things can be part of the goals!

  3. Talking about my daily checklist | Adventures in Thing Making Says:

    […] few posts back, “thinking about psychology and goals“, I talked about asking myself “what did I do today?” every day. I haven’t […]

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