Ambient Binary Bass

Made this video on Tuesday. I’m thinking the idea needs to be expanded to >30 minutes before the idea will go viral. Not really, but the idea does make me want to cut and paste together a one chord krautrock song of that length. Could probably only have three or four minutes of actual playing in it cut and pasted in weird ways.

The lower bass is counting binary numbers from zero to fifteen. Like if it’s playing A A E E then that’s 0011, which is three. The higher bass is playing five-digit numbers, so it’s actually in 5/4 time juxtaposed directly with the 4/4. Not that you hear the metrical mishmash because all the notes sound random anyway. The higher bass counts from 00000 to 11111, or zero to thirty-one. Thirty-two measures of 5/4 is 160 beats and sixteen measures of 4/4 is 64 beats, so I had the lower part repeat the count three times, but 3*64=192, so the higher part finishes 192-160=32 beats early. Math rock? Sort of?

The higher bass plays C# for a 0 and high A for a 1, so at any point you’re just hearing an A major chord: A C# E A, but with different notes missing at any point in time.

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