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Talking about my daily checklist

November 17, 2014

A few posts back, “thinking about psychology and goals“, I talked about asking myself “what did I do today?” every day. I haven’t really been asking myself every day, but I think I might start noting down worthless statusy things here with regards to that.

I have a daily morning checklist of ten items that it’s my goal to get done in the first hour or two of being awake. I’m aware that to non-depressives it seems ridiculous to have a to-do list with things as basic as the things I have on here, but I thought I might share it anyway. The point of the to-do list is more to promote routine and good habit, rather than be a list of things I’m likely to forget to do if I really need to.

  1. Caffeinate
  2. Medicate
  3. Meditate
  4. Masticate
  5. Exercise
  6. Bathe
  7. Shave
  8. Brush Teeth
  9. Take out trash
  10. Do dishes

Of course I usually end up only doing 3 or 4 of these things in my goal amount of time, but routine is important and powerful, even if you don’t succeed, trying every day helps.

Today I’ve been awake for five hours already and all I’ve done is 1, 2, and 4.

You may have guessed that if I don’t do #1, I don’t do any of the others.

Anyway, today I’m not going to be able to do any woodworking, or any pedalbuilding, or any synth building, or any music recording. My sister is going to move in with me, which means I’m going to have to switch to a larger unit in my apartment complex, so today I don’t get do to anything but deal with paperwork, pack, and hopefully work on school stuff.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my ridiculous exercise routine and how successful I’ve been with it.



November 5, 2014

So I built a guitar amp sometime in the past year, but it’s just a naked chassis and I’ve been meaning to make a head cabinet for it.


When my parents built their house they used reclaimed hart pine flooring that my dad recovered from an old house on my grandpa’s property. They had some left over and it’s been sitting in a pile in my dad’s shed since 2001 or so.

This is wood from trees that were cut about 100 years ago, from the centers of old trees, from the first trees to ever be cut from these forests, or so I’ve been told. It’s still just pine, right?

I took four boards to try and use for my amp head cabinet.


They’re covered in ancient dirt and dust and paint too. I’m afraid to sand the paint off because of lead, so I got a crappy block plane to try and plane it off.


It took a lot more effort than I expected just for that little bit and to be honest I might as well be planing with a chisel. So I might have to take it outside and sand off the paint with the vacuum running before I plane it. The wood is really hard and the plane keeps getting stuck. This one is hard to adjust–you have to get it where you want it then tighten a wheel but if it’s not in the right spot you can’t nudge it any, you have to start over.

It might work better if I sharpened it, so I probably need a way to sharpen it. I figure my actual next task is to make rough cuts to the right size before I waste any more time with the plane.