(Intended to be) daily update

What did I do today?

I want to be quantifying more of how much time I do each thing. Especially making.

I played synth for at least an hour, maybe two, but IDK if I can consider that productive. I kind of uncovered a chord progression I like but mostly I had a hard time getting things to sound the way I want.

I was running my main monosynth out in stereo to both my peavey bass combo and my diy fender-inspired guitar head, but with the sound panning between the two. I got maybe 40% toward the sound I was imagining in my head, which is kind of annoying. I didn’t save the patch.

The progression was CM, EbM, AbM.
I love taking roots of chords that are minor in your key, flattening them, then building major chords on the flat root. This is super-useful for open tunings, especially for playing slide guitar. It’s very common in rock music to substitute the major chord built on the flattened 7th for the dominant 5th. Example: “you really got me” by the kinks.

But yeah the way I had it voiced sounds super progressive. Arpeggio with C and G in the left hand and E in the right hand, moving the C and G up to Eb and Bb and the E up to G, then moving the Bb down to Ab and the G up to C, and alternating that C with the one an octave below.

IDK how a classicist would analyze it: I V/V/N??? V/N???

I guess that makes me want to follow with N then V then I, but who knows.

Or maybe I III/i VI/i which is just C minor but every time you play a C chord you play it major. In that case I could follow with viio/i V/i or anything to be honest. *shrug*

I guess the fact that you can switch tonal paradigms to anything you want is what makes this idea sound so progressive.

Today I did less than half of my daily checklist but I cooked a good meal for dinner and I’m about to go groom myself even though I prefer to do that in the AM.

Two (?) days ago I got some making progress done on the booster guitar effect I put on hold about 6 months ago. I made version 3 in a simulation, and learned some things. I think my next step is to breadboard this version.


2 Responses to “(Intended to be) daily update”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    I hardly ever get anything done. #life

  2. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Sounds like progress to me! :-)
    I think things on The Checklist sometimes go undone. :-D Or they can be last-minute replaced by more-FUN things! :-D
    HUGS!!! :-)

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