Day of the Key West T-Shirt

Well, I did about half of my daily routine today, which is fine. It’s 1:30 right now and we’re out shopping because the girlfriend got a giftcard at a gift exchange yesterday.

At the same exchange I got a USB audio interface, which really opens up my recording options. Now if I want I should be able to record four tracks at once on my desktop OR for the first time record and use softsynths on a laptop. So I guess that’s one step closer to having a working live rig. Not that I’ll ever probably be playing live, but whatever.

Not that I have ANY recording setup working right now. I’m hoping to spend an hour on that and an hour on making. Not sure what kind of goal I should have for either activity today though.

Well before I did anything else I played around more with the synth patch I was playing yesterday. IDK what exactly I changed but I was a lot more pleased with it today. *shrug*

Earlier I tweeted that I’ve hit peak crappy t-shirt. I think I should get rid of one t-shirt every day. There are many that I have literally never worn ever. My family think they are good at buying t-shirts for me, but long-story-short, they are not. Maybe I should blog a picture of every shirt as I get rid of it.

I didn’t do any of the productive things I said but I did read about 50 pages in Game of Thrones. Better than nothing. Here is the shirt I have chosen to discard today:

My parents got it for me when they visited Key West because they thought I would like it “because it is weird”. I mean, I like weird things relatively often but that doesn’t mean I like things that are stupid-looking and/or hideous or at least unfashionable.

Partially I think that they think that 27-year-old Walker still dresses the same as 13-year-old Walker, who had a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt collection among other things I’d rather not remember.

Some comment goes here about parents wanting their kids to stay the same age forever.

Anyway. Perhaps you’ll hear from me tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Day of the Key West T-Shirt”

  1. thecuriousbum Says:

    Lol. I don’t know about near you, but around here there’s a clothes/shoes drop box just about everywhere, though it’s not like there’s a shortage of even used, cheap clothes in the US. We should probably figure out a way to pelletize clothes and burn them for heat.

  2. girlforgetful Says:

    You should check Pinterest to find a way to recycle those t-shirts, like to make things and what not. You could sell them in this manner. You could make a pillow out of that one, for instance. I don’t understand the hat, though. You live in a place that never has snow, and even if it did, why in the world … oh nevermind. ;p

    • Walker Says:

      What? But I love this hat! My friend Jenn gave it to me when I was in high school when she visited . . . some country. And maybe it’s cold INSIDE because someone I live with keeps the air conditioner on full blast all the time.

      • girlforgetful Says:

        I see … this is you being multi-cultural and having first-world problems. Whatevs, hippie. ;)

  3. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    My youngest makes pillows out of old t-shirts. She’s made some really cool ones…and the sayings or images on the t-shirts add to the fun! :-) I’ve made quilts out of old t-shirts…that is a fun way to have them recycled, too! :-)
    Parents have a hard time seeing their child (even their grown-up child) as anything but a kid! ;-) :-D
    HUGS!!! :-)

  4. heidenkind Says:

    lol That t-shirt IS pretty ugly.

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