Day of the witty television t-shirt

This is the T-Shirt I have decided to add to the discard pile today.

My “quirky” aunt gave me this “witty” t-shirt for Christmas approximately ten years ago. It has always been one size too large, until perhaps a year ago, but I wore it anyway, for about a year or so after I received it. My mother has the strange habit of hanging 90% of clothes to dry, so all of the t-shirts from this time period in my life have stretched themselves but only in the vertical dimension, so when I say it probably started fitting when I filled out a bit starting about a year ago, I mean it’s come the closest to fitting as it ever will, but it will basically fit no one, ever.

I had a pretty positive morning but only a marginally productive afternoon. I disassembled a broken UPS. Here are some pictures:

MOSFET H-Bridge:

Energy storage inductor and capacitor:
Power Transformer:
This power transformer weighs a ton and is probably rated for as many watts as I could ever need in a project. I’ll have to run some tests to figure out the turns ratios. Not sure if I’ll have anything that needs it but whatever.

I actually kind of want to build stuff that runs off of ATX power supplies since you can buy them used for about $5 and I already have two. With this transformer I could build something bigger but it would be work.

I’m about to go out of town, productivity-wise I want to get better simulation and layouts done on the road. But IDK if that’ll happen or not.

I’ve been learning a lot about different switch-mode converters recently, which is what helped me recognize the H-Bridge in the UPS. ATX supplies are switch mode too, but I don’t think they use a power transformer on the mains. I’ve daydreamed about trying to get a guitar amp to run on mains transformerless converters alone but it kind of sounds like a bad idea, at least with tube amps.

Tube radios were mostly transformerless from the 1930s to 1960s or so unless I’m mistaken though. Filaments of five tubes placed in series to equal the mains voltage, unlike in parallel the way it’s done for amplifiers.

But that’s just a hack–converter technology is much more modern. Anyway, I guess I could try and get some kind of converter project working now that I have some of the parts they use.


One Response to “Day of the witty television t-shirt”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Everyone needs a quirky aunt! ;-) :-D
    Hmm…wait a minute…I think I might be the quirky aunt in my family…well, I know I’m the silly aunt. :-P
    HUGS!!! :-)

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