Getting (every)Things Done, or something.

I don’t have anything to write about other than everything–everything takes too much time though.

May or may have not mentioned trying the GTD system using Omnifocus to help my productivity. Don’t feel like actually describing it to you in any more detail than this:

  • Stop trying to remember to do anything at all ever–this is the main thing and despite the book claiming to steal this idea from kung fu it is actually stealing it from cognitive behavioral therapy. Basically the idea is “give yourself permission to not have stress”.
  • When you think of something, instead of thinking “I should remember this” think “I should write this down immediately”
  • Things that are written down are to be “processed” or “clarified” as often as possible, at least daily or whatever.
  • Things are processed into three categories
    • Not-actionable: worthless
      • Delete these immediately
    • Not-actionable: data
      • File these in a filing system
    • Actionable
  • Set a start date and a context for each actionable item
  • Hide everything from yourself that has a start date that hasn’t happened yet, and that has a context that isn’t where you currently are
  • Now, even if you have 100 things to do, only the three or four that you actually can do are in front of you
  • Omnifocus does all of the hiding for me, so I’m using zero brainpower (in theory) figuring out what I can do right now, and zero brainpower (in theory) remembering “I should do x later”

So yeah.

I’ve gone full retard, as they say, with putting literally everything into Omnifocus. I can look in “perspectives” in Omnifocus and see what I actually accomplished. The mac version is better than the iphone version and honsestly this makes me want to try and get an older mac mini or something just for this singular purpose.

Looking in the completed perspective I can see that I did 5-10min of yoga four times in the past week–my goal is to do it every day. I went cycling once–goal is three or four times. Total cycling mileage was 3.5miles, goal is 10 miles. Etc.

This kind of weekly review process is supposedly an essential part of getting GTD to actually work, and I haven’t been doing it at all.

Anyway, back on topic:

I’m thinking about blogging my processing of school notes just because that way I’ll actually be processing them. Also, scanning them and processing them lets me give myself permission to shred them, which is very satisfying.

I have finally been given an excuse to learn LaTeX for school, so I’m thinking about writing blog posts in it once I learn it. To teach myself LaTeX I started essaying on a topic that my professor repeatedly brought up in class. It will be my next post here. Warning: it is extremely boring.


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One Response to “Getting (every)Things Done, or something.”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    Ah, this explains the previous post. Also, you should read The Four Hour Work Week.

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