This week felt kind of dull and uneventful. Struggling with tinnitus pretty badly but on top of that things are just moving slowly and I’m not really making much progress on stuff.

Sunday Snapshot


Mostly listened to old Pen Addict, old Generationals/Technical Difficulties, and also started listening to Bionic from the beginning. Mostly started listening just so I can hear more of Myke Hurley’s work, but it turned out really interesting. There really aren’t/weren’t enough people discussing Android in a way that’s actually putting everything in context.

For some reason I wrote down to mention Episode 60 of Technical Difficulties in the snapshot, but I have no idea why.

I also started listening to Start Up, which is by a guy who is involved with a bunch of NPR shows trying to start a podcast-reated business and the process he’s going through. Really good stuff.

Cortex is coming out great but it’s actually kind of unpredictable and bizarre. It’s easy to overthink whether or not something is a thing that Grey would overthink. Or something. I tweeted at Myke Hurley if they were going to have to try and reconsile Myke’s Field Notes obsession with Grey’s “shred everything shreddable” policy.

Also discovered that there’s a single feed that just has EVERY show, but I have to get a lot more caught up before that’s actually useful for me.

Finished catching up on the memory palace … so I guess he needs to make more. :)


I didn’t read much at ALL. Probably got through 10 pages of REAMDE. Kind of too muc

Pens and notebooks:

I’ve mostly just written with a Brown Black Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm this week in my “electrical” Field Notes Workshop Companion. I bought some relatively nice stationery from Office Depot for when I need it soon enough, as well. I find myself liking the 03 Preppy with the Quink the most, at least in terms of use. I try to balance it out but this week I’ve written a lot less total, and that’s probably why the Hi-Tec-C is getting used.

Can’t wait to find out more about how these inks look on this new paper.


I only really watched some old stuff at home. I’m trying to figure out if I should include that stuff here, and if so, I have to get in the habit of making a note of it in Field Notes. Oh well.

Sunday Specie

I keep meaning to get in the habit of analyzing my daytrading bot’s performance weekly. Here we go:

From June 21th to June 27th, average profit was 0.49%, volume was 1442400 DOGE (about 0.5 BTC), so profit was 7142 DOGE, or about 0.0027 BTC or about 0.67 USD. That’s still about 1.4% total profit per week. I really have to get more capital in there.

I didn’t start writing that program to do the analysis for me yet. I should really make it a project in OmniFocus.

Sunday Statuses (omnifocus)

OmniFocus making it difficult to do the review properly this time. But also maybe that’s just because I’m a little rushed.

Project statuses:

  • Graduate: I didn’t do last weeks homework. I forgot to drop the lab I was gonna drop so now I don’t get a refund. I am not good at this..
  • Take care of yourself: I did yoga four times this week, which is OK. I cycled 12.54 miles because I decided to crazily ride my bike the five miles to the bike shop and back. I didn’t read anything until today, only a few minutes. I’m late on how often I want to shave and haircut. Will probably be odoing that soon anyway because I’m applying for a job. I bought a multi-mineral pill with zinc and iodine just in case that hellps the tinnitus.
  • Take care of your house: Paid all the bills. They’re not in yet but it’s easy to guess usually. My sister is moving back in and with a new cat, so we’re about to have to do litter more often. I didn’t do any longer-term cleaning, but I did rearrange my wardrobe and decide to throw out/donate 25 t-shirts. I have a few more things I want to do with regards to that, so I should probably come up with a few actions to put in omnifocus for it.
  • <liMaintain web presence: I don't think I did much. I'm not done editing episode two of the podcast. I created a podbean page and put the first episode up, but I haven’t taken the steps to get it listed in iTunes.

    I’m getting back into the habit of keeping my tumblr queue full, but the main thing I’ve been neglecting is twitter. I don’t actually care about facebook but I do want to be making one post a week just so my wall isn’t filled with stuff other people posted. Web presence is going to have a lot more fuel soon once my podcasting plan actually gets underway.

  • Keep in contact with friends: Sort of reconnected with someone on Tuesday and also today. Really want to give a musician buddy a call some though. Still got three presents to buy.
  • Finish building Baby Whale: I bought a crapton of lumber but it’s actually all going to be used for deck I whimsically decided to build. I should have some 2x4s left but they’ll only help with the amp if I change the design a bit. I did try sharpening my tools today, so I might be able to chisel better and actually get some proper joints made.

I put these two under “take care of yourself” but they’re really just one-off treats that might boost productivity as a side effect since they promote journaling and writing:

  • Podcast: In the past week we recorded another episode but it’s taking me much longer to edit. I’m about halfway done with all the professional logistics stuff to get it on podbean and iTunes at all, and then I’ll possibly worry about making a squarespace. Thinking about making a squarespace for myself anyway and then just having a podcast page. Anyway for now go listen to the first episode of our podcast here.

I need to add actions to a lot of the projects. A lot of things are kind of in limbo but that’s what this post is really for, for me to reread to job my memory when I’m processing things later.

Now I’m supposed to decide if any of these projects should be reorganized to give their actions more clarity. I also have a bunch of projects in omnifocus that have zero actions because I never made any. I think I’m going to wait until next week to make any changes because I like doing things wrong.

Well, there we go. hopefully I actually do this next week as well. I still haven’t posted a Jetpens haul post or a field notes post but oh well.


4 Responses to “SSSSSS #2”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    You should definitely include movies, but only if that’s something you enjoy writing about.

    • Walker Says:

      I would definitely include movies I see in theatres, and probably movies that are new releases that I see at home, but I’m not sure if I should include movies that I see at home that are old.

      For instance … last week I watched X-Men: The Last Stand. I don’t think I should review that, lol. But maybe I should?

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