Tinnitus reacting well to klonopin. NALT also seems to help. Tried coluracetam and noopept as well because I had to order more NALT and Theanine. Coluracetam is too strange to be a good solution for anything really, although it’s a hell of a lot more effective than any other racetam I’ve tried. Noopept is good too, but neither seem to help any of my real issues so they’ll probably just stay in the cabinet most of the time.

Sunday Snapshot


There’s a new podcast by the Green Brothers with whom everyone seems to already be acquainted with. The more I listen to it the more it reminds me of vintage vlogbrothers, like the way they used to interact before everything got so serious with businesses and movies and multiple channels and everything. My Pen Addict and Technical Difficulties archive trawl has finally caught up to where I was in many of the other shows I listen to, so I’ve been listening to old Pragmatic and old Hello Internet a bit too. Something struck me in Hello Internet episode #3, when Grey was talking about how guilty he feels about neglecting friendships, and how I basically feel the same way, but that you can’t let yourself feel guilty if you’re making a decision to focus on one thing for a while, just because you have to temporarily to meet the requirements for whatever work you need to be doing. I even have a project category in Omnifocus called “have good friends and family” just to stop myself from neglecting these things, because I’ve done so much damage to friendships in the past. Anyway.


Wish I had any feelings to talk about reading-wise but I didn’t. We’re going to talk about books a bit in episode three of And Stuff, though.

Pens and notebooks:

Been writing with my Preppy 03 with Parker Blue Black Quink and with a dark red Pilot Juice. Been doing a lot of writing in my old Doane Paper idea journal but not as much in my Field Notes this week. Used the Doane to draw up the plans for my current woodworking project–a hybrid computer desk/workbench. Strongly considering switching the Diamine ink into the Preppy 03 just to switch things up a bit. I’m not sure how often I’m supposed to clean these, but I probably will soon. I think my JetPens fountain pen ran out of ink? It seems really early for that, but maybe IDK what I’m talking about.


Watched Hanzel and Gretel, Witch Hunters with Q and Jennet. Honestly one of the more enjoyable movies I’ve seen recently. It’s nice when something can not take itself too seriously but not degrade into camp. Not that camp is bad. You know what I mean. I should probably write more about it but it’s hard for me to get into the “reviewing” mindset sometimes. I suppose if I do this blog series weekly it’ll help with that … right?

Sunday Specie

Average trade profit was 1.8% this time, and volume was 0.367BTC, so I made a few millibits. Looks like I made 3.7% profit but it’s still hard to tell if this is reliable. Every week I come closer to investing real money though, lol.

Sunday Statuses (omnifocus)

Project statuses:

      • Graduate: I skipped both class sessions last week. Not good. I have a test on Monday but as long as I put in about four hours of studying today and tomorrow I should be fine. This class … is boring.
      • Take care of yourself: Skipped yoga and calisthenics on saturday because my shoulder hurt. I switched cycling apps, not that that should change anything. Cycled 11.17 miles this week–last week I did 12.54. I’m still not reading as much as I want to be, but it’s hard to get back into that habit. I basically have zero chance of reading The Martian before the movie comes out.
      • Take care of your house: Been on top of this like crazy. Doesn’t even need mentioning.
      • Maintain web presence: Mostly just been working on the podcast. Was behind on tumblr and blog reading etc but caught up on Saturday.
      • Podcast: Edited and uploaded episode two, promoted it, submitted the podcast to iTunes, etc. Want to make a Squarespace page (for myself, but it will include a podcast page), but I have zero dollars in my bank account. Also recorded episode three, spent about an hour editing today. Trying to get my editing workflow to be more efficient but it’s hard.
      • I don’t even remember who I said I reconnected with last Tuesday… ugh my social skills are kind of pathetic.
      • Finish building Baby Whale: I got the two bottom finger joints technically working. They’re going to need a crapton of wood filler and also one will have to be slightly bent to make it fit when I joint the other two corners. I’m actually pretty happy. I also started on the next finger joint but I think this wood has dried out or something. IDK enough about wood to know if that is something that causes problems when it happens for this situation. I should probably show you a picture but it’s already so late, lol.
      • Desk building: I bought everything and I worked out relatively detailed plans. They require joinery skill that is slightly above what I’m capable of, but I’m not too worried–it’ll just be a learning experience. Here’s what I drew up for the plans. Insert image here. So far I got the cross joint for the two cross beams done pretty well, and I’m working on the lap joints for those next. I’m having a hard time getting the lap joints to actually be square, mostly because I don’t have the correct tools. Also I need a different type of saw, because I’ve basically ruined one of my pull saws already trying to cut into end grain.

I’ve been extremely financially irresponsible for not just the past week, but the past two or three. It’s getting out of hand to be honest and I need a job basically ASAP to make up for it. The “savings” I was living off of this summer is going to run out in a few weeks, rather than at the end of August. Still need to do a proper project review but it’s hard. I’ve been kind of using an ad-hoc system using my whiteboard instead of GTD for the most part for the last week. Pomodoro helps with school some too.


One Response to “SS+SS+SS #3”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    I’ve also been fiscally irresponsible. I think I need an intervention on the subscription boxes.

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