Smonday Smnapshot #4

I’m a day late this week, probably due to an epic sulbutiamine crash around 9PM last night. After being on Tianeptine for a week I feel basically as non-depressed as I ever have in my life. Been sleeping a lot extra and not been 100% productive though. Pretty sure the productivity drop is due to the extra sleep though.

My dreams have been more detailed and more realistic and more lucid, which is kind of amazing. Mostly interesting, not exactly a real difference in my life but a pleasant new thing nonetheless.

Smunday Snapshot


Episode #5 of the new Green Brothers’ podcast has Maureen Johnson instead of John Green, which is basically amazing. I think I have a weird crush on her, don’t tell my girlfriend.

I haven’t really been keeping track of my podcasting listening as well as I did before, whatever. I started listening to old episodes of Bionic and they’ve gone completely off the rails. It’s extremely confusing.


Still reading REAMDE. I should actually keep track of how much time I’m spending reading each week. Also read some in Fates of the Dead, a book someone I know on twitter wrote. It’s pretty good–I kind of usually like things where characters are introduced separately and then meet up later, and you get to take turns knowing each character’s actual thoughts.

Pens and notebooks:

My Preppy 03 ran out of ink, so I refilled it with Diamine Green-Black. I think I like this ink better than the Blue-Black Parker Quink, but they’re both great. I got ink everywhere when I refilled it though, not really the best thing. Been taking school notes in my old Doane idea journal, which I love.

I scanned all my field notes pages so far, here’s the worn-out cover:


Watched Coraline with some friends. Honestly I thought it was amazing. Something about stop-motion always makes me smile. The ending was a little bit too straightforward for my tastes but it’s about what I’d expect from something in the “PG” category.

Content Created:

  • Youtube: Uploaded one video of me playing Super Hexagon.
  • Podcasting: One episode of And Stuff, which I’ve probably alread promoted to death on WordPress.

Smunday Specie

Gonna discontinue this series as it is and make it a python coding progress section. I haven’t started any coding though. I’m still making profit so, whatever.

Smunday Statuses (omnifocus)

Project statuses:

      • Got an 83 on my first Relays test. Pretty happy about that. Not sure how I lucked out that much but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
      • I cycled 6.9 miles last week. Way less than the week before (11.17) and the week before that (12.54), but whatever.
      • I’ve been really on top of web presence, if you excuse this blog post being a day late. Mostly thanks to buffer being really useful. Thinking about trying to use IFTTT but haven’t investigated it yet.
      • Podcast is going great. Going to be doing uploads every Thursday I think.
      • Haven’t worked any on guitar amp.
      • Almost done with all the joinery I’m going to do for the desk. I need to cut it out and just do glue-screw for the entire rest of the project.

Still haven’t applied for the job I said I was going to. Probably because haven’t put it into OmniFocus. It’s getting kind of bad, but also good, that if it’s in OmniFocus it’ll get done and if it isn’t then it won’t. I guess that actually means the system is working.


2 Responses to “Smonday Smnapshot #4”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    I always have really vivid dreams this time of year, I don’t know why. I also use IFTTT—it’s great.

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