Smonday Smnapshot #5

Ugh, I’m late again. I’ve been kind of “detoxing” from supplements, and also from caffeine and alcohol. Unfortunately if I don’t have any caffeine then basically I sleep all day. Tianeptine still seems to be working. I seriously don’t understand why it isn’t a first-line treatment for a whole slew of mental conditions.

Another thing I did in the past few days is completely upgrade my netbook to Debian 8.1 “jessie”. It’s made a lot of workarounds I had to do in 7.8 “wheezy” unnecessary, which makes me so happy. I wanted to install it on my girlfriend’s netbook also but I’m encountering a weird error. Enjoyed getting everything set up today–I might make a post just for myself to remember all the things I do to get a system the way I like it.

One thing that sucked is that when I installed Wheezy I didn’t allocate enough space to the root partition, so I had to do a fresh install for Jessie instead of “upgrading in place”, which is what I was able to do on my main desktop.

Also she got a new phone, so I took her old one. It’s the same model as my old one, but mine … has a broken screen. So that’s nice.

Smunday Snapshot


Listened to an old episode of App Story and Vic actually talks about Pragmatic, which is kind of hilarious because he later became a cohost on Pragmatic.


Barely read anything. I want to actually read some of the stuff on Gutenberg that Cameron has been reading, but haven’t gotten around to it.

Pens and notebooks:


Still loving the green-black Diamine ink in my Platinum Preppy 03. Not really much to say on the pen front other than I’ve gotten in the habit of using a dark red Pilot Juice 0.4mm in a “daily carry” kind of sense. Clipping it in my back pocket next to my field notes is less uncomfortable that one might expect.


Actually watched the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie the other day. It’s so bad but it brought such great things, so … whatever. I think Joss said that the movie isn’t in the same canon as the show, but the original screenplay for the movie is. Hence mentions in the show of the gym getting burned down but that never happens in the movie, etc.

Content Created:

  • Podcasting: Episode 004 of And Stuff, but I already posted about it.

Smunday Specie

Didn’t do any coding yet, but I did migrate all of my bots to dropbox so I can run them from any computer.

Smunday Statuses (omnifocus)

Project statuses:

      • Hate this class. Test on Wednesday, gotta start cramming basically now.
      • I cycled 7.7 miles last week. Previous weeks were 6.9, 11.17, 12.54.
      • Web presence was meh.
      • Podcast was uploaded two days late and blogged about four days late, but it got done so it’s not the end of the world.
      • Haven’t worked any on guitar amp.
      • Finished desk joinery. Need to plane and sand a bit and then glue it to the top next.
      • I started being stricter about diet. Eating powderchow every morning and baking chicken every night and having eggs for lunch. Now I just have to cut back on the snacking and the beer and I’ll probably get my body fat percentage where I want it. Apparently in the past month I’ve gained about ten pounds, so yeah.
      • I’m up to doing 4 sun salutations every day and 30 pushups and 45 situps every other day. Kind of need to get a pullup bar or something though.
      • Applied for a job. No call yet so I might go apply to the other location.

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2 Responses to “Smonday Smnapshot #5”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    I was thinking while listing to ep 3 of the podcast that you should read The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton (if you haven’t already). It’s short but mind twisty. You might enjoy it.

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