Reading Day #3

Read pp 878-952 in REAMDE

Got to the spot I was anticipating a few posts ago. The uncle and the jihadists have now run smack into the MI6 agent and the Russian mobster, who have teamed up with the uncle’s gun nut extended family. I learned a new word: “jeremiad”.

Here are some excerpts that kind of illustrate how badass this part of the book is.

The cougar Zula fragged those jihadists with is still stalking them, apparently.


Uncle Richard is supplied with and uses a shotgun on someone’s face:


Anyway, I’ve read about 150 pages and only have about 100 pages left in this tome. I guess I’ll just keep reading until I finish it and then making a final post. This was actually really fun and makes me feel like blogging is new again, even though it was a pretty simple task. Hooray for reading!


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