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And Stuff Podcast: Episode 005 — No Title This Time

September 16, 2015

Back from podcast “hiatus”! Now with an actual paid podbean account.

This time Cameron and I talk about digital audio vs. vinyl, guitars, and agriculture.


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Show Notes:

Accidental Tech Podcast

Vinyl vs. CD

“Because vinyl’s restrictions do not permit the same abuse of audio levels as the CD, Mayo says that listeners might hear a wider dynamic range in an album mixed separately for vinyl over a compact disc version optimized for loudness — even though vinyl, as a format, has a narrower range than CD.”


Digital Audio Tape

Super Audio CD

Delta-Sigma modulation

All American Five

Tube Testers

Re-capping radios and amps

Fanned frets:

System on a Chip



Diet Soda

Everyithng is addictive


Organic farming


Genetic Engineering

Indoor Farming

Farming in Detroit

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