And Stuff Episode 008: Fast Paste Environment

This time we talk about … stuff?

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Walker decided to get a TWSBI Eco after reading a blog post by David Rea going into a bit of physics and materials science.

Cameron is mildly interested in pens, but couldn’t do a whole podcast about it like “those guys”.

This primer on nibs explains what a “stub nib” is. Despite hearing about them many times, this blog post by Brad Dowdy is probably what made Walker decide to actually look into getting a pen with one.

Nathan of Noodler’s ink has a youtube video up about the story behind the “Charlie” eyedropper pen that Walker talked about.

Cameron wants to get more into uploading videos. Looks like he did since we recorded.

Here’s a link to Walker’s old shredder unboxing video.

Look at all the potential discussion topics on wikipedia to use during unboxing videos!

Walker found DIY cat tree/condo inspiration here.

The kind of “fake joinery” Walker is doing is mostly inspired by the Mere Mortals Workbench designed by Steve Ramsey, although lots of people use this technique.

Here’s an article for further reading on types of twine. Here’s another one.

Walker is mixing other people’s old forgotten tracks that he found on a Zoom R16 multi-track recorder.

Here’s Bob Clagget‘s first Arduino Programming Tutorial video on the I Like To Make Stuff channel.

And here is Making It, the podcast he does.

More information about arduino can be found on the website.

This is what Process Controls is. Controls engineers use something called SCADA.

Walker will soon be working with slivers.

Arch Linux and its wonderful online documentation can be found here.

When using GNU/Linux on a computer Cameron usually uses Lubuntu, a spin of Ubuntu, and Walker usually uses Debian, but sometimes uses Fedora.

The desktop environment is the part of many GNU/Linux systems that actually determines what things you see on the screen. Cameron uses LXDE, while Walker is all about XFCE.

Here is the Bakelite video on Periodic Videos. Love this channel.

Some tracker-based music programs for linux are qtractor and lmms. Walker can’t remember which one he used to make the And Stuff Opening Theme Song.

Amsynth is the softsynth Cameron has been experimenting with.

Walker recommends using a kernel with the PREEMPT_RT patch for music production. He uses a kernel for Fedora that comes patched from Planet CCRMA at Stanford University. It seems that similar things are available for Ubuntu.

The programs Walker rattles off that he uses in music production are Jack, Whysynth, Hexter, Alsamodularsynth.

Thanks for listening!

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