Minor Update

[not for public consuption]

meditation is hard to do

it’s even harder to write about. Usually Intry and write about how hard it is.

That hasn’t been going so well, but today I promised to post a bit about guitar effect tone stacks. So maybe that’ll happen today.

I’m back on klonopin after missing some work. Finals is next wrek. I may, sort of, graduate, if the klonopin and ativan and viibryd and nuvigil and caffeine/theanine/tyrosine/ALA/folate/synephrine/beta-alanine/D3/B12/B6/inositol do what they’re supposed to.


By “sort of” I mean “pass all the classess. I didn’t apply for graduation just in case I don’t. So if I do, next semester I can take nothing and then graduate.


One Response to “Minor Update”

  1. heidenkind Says:

    You’re on the precipice of graduating! So close!

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