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DIY PCB Etching

March 20, 2014

Did I mention that I’m going to try etching my own PCB for the first time this weekend?

I’m going to do it super quick and dirty: hand drawn traces with nail polish, etched with ferric chloride, etch resist removed with acetone. I make a design for a single-transistor boost/dirtbox and that’s what I’ll be etching. My etchant and my board comes in today in the mail. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyone here ever etched their own PCB? What’s your process like?


What I’ve Been Up To

September 14, 2013

There are some things I have been doing but I haven’t produced anything visible and fun for you all to look at yet, really. Here’s a list of stuff I’ll be doing that I’ll post some fun from.

School Project: My DIY projects are moving very slowly right now because I have a project for school that takes the same kind of energy. I’m going to be building an Omniwheel RCV for school that will be similar to this one.

Guitar Effect DIY: I have a guitar effect pedal breadboarded, and I have a case ready for it. Populating the board is going to be a pain though, and I doubt I can make a good recording with it still out of the box.

Lofi Synth DIY: I built an Atari Punk Console with some extra functionality that I dreamed up. It has two dividers that run side by side, instead of one, and you can crossfade between them. I have an old video explaining this idea up on youtube but it is long and boring. I made the new one into a Tazo tin and should make a new video of it and post a schematic. Maybe if we’re lucky I’ll get that up sometime tomorrow.

Synth Module Simulations: And also I’ve been simulating synthesizer parts in LTSpice. I recently discovered that it can output audio files, so it’s actually possible to get a good feel for what some of these things sound like. I’ve gotten simulations of about half a dozen of Ken Stone’s designs. The only audio I’ve made worth sharing so far is the one from the Drum Simulator. I uploaded it to soundcloud the other day:

Anyway, those are the directions this blog is going in for now. I’d like to make more cover video-songs but there just isn’t enough time or inspiration. But if anyone REALLY wants to see video-songs then maybe I can do something. I realized some super-boring minimalist phasing music the other day, but it hasn’t exactly gone viral yet:

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to. I still haven’t come up with a new name for myself.

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September 11, 2013

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it’ll be fun.