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Early morning rambling update

March 25, 2014

I have this thing I do where instead of writing essays staying up the night before class, I wake up at 4AM to write them the morning of. Class is at 8. Why exactly am I blogging instead of writing it right now? For some reason I feel like I blog about “The Imp of the Perverse” all the time, but I probably don’t.

I did finish rewiring the guitar I was working on. It sounds … like a guitar. It sounds kind of farty but I think I just need to lower the pickups. Having a hard time with the setup because everything is rusty. Honestly it might sound better on my old solid-state amp than my new tube amp. I’ll have to try that out later today.

Still haven’t drilled the PCB I made yet though. I don’t think I even have a digital version of the schematic. Also I haven’t decided what transistor to use. Shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference. Maybe I should find some classic silicon transistor designs and make a study of how much difference it actually makes. For theĀ  most part I just design around vBE and hFE and that’s it. For some fuzzes vCE matters, but that’s more of a “plug and pray” design process anyway.

Overall I’m actually doing well in school this semester, actually. That’s always a surprise.


DIY PCB Etching process pictures

March 22, 2014

My first etch! It’ll be a single transistor overdrive for guitar, maybe.

Nail polish on copper on fiberglass:

Ferric Chloride solution:


Nail polish dissolves in acetone:

Finished etched board:

Now … drilling is next. How exactly I will drill 40 holes in that, we’ll find out later. :)

PCB Etching and Guitar Rewiring

March 21, 2014

Supposedly this is everything I need to etch a PCB.


Also I’m rewiring a guitar. I already “dewired” it, lol. When my friend Travis moved he let me have it. That was almost a year ago I’m just getting around to fixing it.


I might need to sand some of that flaky looking wood? IDK.

Not sure if there’s a way to get the rust off some of this hardware other than by buying new. Also three wood screws are missing.


It looks like the rear cavity was shielded with conductive paint but much of it has worn off. Redoing that might be unnecessary though. If I did I would use copper tape instead.

DIY PCB Etching

March 20, 2014

Did I mention that I’m going to try etching my own PCB for the first time this weekend?

I’m going to do it super quick and dirty: hand drawn traces with nail polish, etched with ferric chloride, etch resist removed with acetone. I make a design for a single-transistor boost/dirtbox and that’s what I’ll be etching. My etchant and my board comes in today in the mail. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyone here ever etched their own PCB? What’s your process like?